Bond Touch bracelets can help you feel closer to your loved one

Bond Touch bracelets can help you feel closer to your loved one

If you want to always feel close to your partner through technology, the bond touch bracelets can help you feel your loved one closer. These bracelets designed with modern technology allow you to send and receive signals regardless of distance.
This garment is linked via Bluetooth with an application on your smartphone, which is responsible for sending the signals to the other person’s bracelet, causing it to light up.
The bracelet allows you to send virtual reminders through software, and the garment is available for men and women who are boyfriends or husbands. In addition, it can also be set as an alarm through the app.
This beautiful garment for lovers and families, incredible as it may seem, will allow you always to feel close to someone who is miles away, using technology that helps you know that someone remembers you.
Also known as the long-distance bracelets, this small piece of equipment makes it possible to feel your partner, as if she were always very close, without borders that separate you.

A couple always connected

Regardless of how long you are physically apart or how great the distance separates you from your partner, the relationship bracelets exert the function that a couple always feels connected.
These bracelets are equipped with a technology that can be activated from an application to live stream the lighting of your bracelet when you are thinking about your partner.
Using the application from their devices allows a couple to generate and receive the reminder regardless of the distance instantly.

For love and friendship

Get a duo of Bond Touch bracelets for you and your loved ones, that no matter where in the world they are, every time they touch the bracelet, you will know it.
Use your Bond Touch app to track your loved one’s status and receive a light signal when you touch their bracelet. Light colors are customizable; your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color you have previously selected when you make a touch.