Key differences between Alibaba and amazon ecommerce sites

Key differences between Alibaba and amazon ecommerce sites

Ecommerce businesses have improved drastically with the increase of demand for services and products online by consumers all over the world. Platforms like Alibaba and amazon have gained massive popularity in ensuring that consumers get their merchandise regardless of where they are in the world. There are a few similarities between these two major ecommerce giants however they are not actually the same. The two businesses could be globally known and dominant plays in their respective states, they also differ in a number of features like their models, how they work and even how they get their revenue at best. Read on below to learn how amazon vs alibaba 2021 could fair on from the following details.


The two ecommerce businesses are very successful online and command a lot of respects from their mother countries however their world rankings can help you know the most popular of them. Currently, amazon is ranked number 9 as the most visited and used website in the world while the main subsidiary of Alibaba, TaoBao was ranked number 10 globally when it comes to their traffic and performance online.

Business Model

Amazon and Alibaba are both ecommerce websites but they are very dissimilar when it comes to their structure and functioning. With amazon, the company sells its products to the market online. After listing products on official site, they wait for order to be made and shipping is done to close the transactions. Small businesses can also expand their reach by registering with amazon as sellers but that is not how Alibaba works. Through TaoBao, you can meet suppliers from china who are ready to deliver for businesses. The annual fee and advertising payments are some of the main sources of revenue on TaoBao.