The services of Dr. John Manzella are oriented to the management and business model of your clinic

The services of Dr. John Manzella are oriented to the management and business model of your clinic

Dr. John Manzella performs SWOT matrixes and PEST analysis to understand the internal and external factors of the industry and action plans based on the Hoshin Kanri methodology. Service is aimed mainly at clinics, institutions, and hospitals.
The company also needs to be cared for and monitored to avoid diseases, which can be anything from simple colds to deadly cancers. Let’s imagine for a moment that our company begins to feel bad, presenting some symptoms such as low sales, high staff turnover, conflicts between family members, or inefficiency in processes.
One of the main contributions that a consultant like him,Dr. John Manzella, can make is precisely to contribute with a trained, professional look from the outside, free from the plots, entanglements, and historical ties typical of any company that has already had some years of operation.
Do you need a specialist for your medical office? Finding the best one can be somewhat difficult, and it is a process that can last weeks or months. So if you require such a specialized profile, the ideal is to hire a management medical consultant to be able to find the best one since he will have a database of specialized doctors to deal with this procedure.

To increase your productivity

The primary objective of any company in the health sector is to solve patients’ medical problems. So the main task of all your workers will be to serve them. For medical professionals to dedicate themselves exclusively to this objective, the ideal would be to hire a management medical consultant such as Dr John Manzella to carry out secondary tasks, such as administrative ones. This will increase the productivity of medical professionals,leading to a great saving of time.

Develop the business model of your practice

Dr. John Manzella is a consultant who provides comprehensive business solutions for clinics and medical offices in order to strengthen their service offering, increase their productivity, and thus increase their income and patient satisfaction. He offers services oriented to your clinic or office’s management and business model, taking care of its processes and profits.